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Impact of the Pre-Surgical Nurse Visit on the Well-Being of the Patient Before a Surgical Process

Zamora-Carmona F1*, Sianes-Gallén M1, Costa-Ventura H2, Del-Pino-Zurita C3, Agudo-Arcos C4 and Augé-Ruiz A2

1Department of Outpatient Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology, Park Taulí University Hospital (CSPT), Spain
2Park Taulí University Hospital (CSPT), Spain
3Department of Esophagogastric Pathology and Stoma Therapy, Park Taulí University Hospital (CSPT), Spain
4Department of Stomatology, Park Taulí University Hospital (CSPT), Spain

*Correspondance to: Francisco Zamora-Carmona 

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Objective: To know the satisfaction and experiences of the patient throughout the surgical process, in relation to the personalized attention performed in the Presurgical Nurse Visit (VPE). Method: Mixed methodology, descriptive, prospective study and focus groups of a University Hospital with a reference population of 400,000 inhabitants, from January 2018 to May 2019. Elderly patients, without postoperative complications and signed informed consent were included. Variables: Sociodemographic data, patient satisfaction of the surgical process (Visual-Analog Scale (VAS)), anxiety (Anxiety-State-Trait Inventory (STAI))), quality of life (EQ-5D-5L) and possible postsurgical complications. The variables were collected in the EPV, by telephone survey at one month and three months and in focus groups at 4 months after surgery. Analysis: descriptive indices, for inferential analysis Chi square was used in qualitative variables and Student's t in quantitative variables. Transcription of the recording, analysis and triangulation of data of the focus groups ands. Results: 359 patients were recruited: 59.9% (215) women, 66.72 years (25-95) mean age, the scheduled surgeries were: 81.3% (292) Orthopedic surgery, 12.9% (46) Digestive Surgery, 5.8% (21) Gynecologic Surgery. The mean 3-month patient satisfaction is 9.25 and it is confirmed that patients with greater anxiety, have lower quality of life (47.74 (p<0.04)) and perceive more pain (48.85 (p<0.01))). Conclusion: The participants of the focus groups positively valued the high efficacy of EPV in clinical practice and satisfaction with the information and care received.


Anxiety; Patient satisfaction; Surgical clearance


Zamora-Carmona F, Sianes-Gallén M, Costa-Ventura H, Del-Pino-Zurita C, Agudo-Arcos C, Augé-Ruiz A. Impact of the Pre-Surgical Nurse Visit on the Well-Being of the Patient Before a Surgical Process. Clin Case Rep Int. 2023; 7: 1485.

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