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Brucellosis in Pregnancy: About Case Report

Ragmoun H*, Riadh M, Montacer H and Sarra H

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Menzel Temime Hospital, Tunisia

*Correspondance to: Ragmoun Houssem 

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Brucellosis is a bacterial infection that can have significant impacts on pregnancy. Pregnant women infected with Brucella spp. are at risk of miscarriage, stillbirth, preterm labor, and postpartum endometritis. The transmission of the bacteria can occur through consumption of contaminated animal products, direct contact with infected animals, or inhalation of airborne bacteria. Clinical symptoms in pregnant women may be non-specific and can be mistaken for other common pregnancy complications. Diagnosis is based on serological tests and treatment involves a combination of antibiotics. Early recognition and management of brucellosis in pregnancy is crucial to reduce maternal and fetal morbidity and mortality.


Brucellosis; Pregnancy; Congenital infection; Spontaneous abortion; Therapy


Ragmoun H, Riadh M, Montacer H, Sarra H. Brucellosis in Pregnancy: About Case Report. Clin Case Rep Int. 2023; 7: 1493.

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